Reschedule/Cancel Exam

Check-In Procedures

- Examinee must brought two forms of ID to the testing center; at least one containing a recent photo and both containing the printed name or signature.
- Forms of primary ID must be original, non-expired (valid), photo-bearing, name or signature-bearing, and government-issued.
- Forms of secondary ID must be an original and contain a name or signature.
- Examinee must sign the regulation form after understanding it.
- Place the examinee’s ID face up on the workstation desktop all time duration the exam.

Acceptable Primary ID, Government-Issued Photo/Signature IDs include:

- National ID
- Driver’s license
- Passport
- Military ID
- Welfare card
- Green card/Alien registration card
- Other government-issued ID with photo

Acceptable Signature/Secondary IDs include:

- Government employee ID
- University or College ID
- Credit card
- Health insurance card

Unacceptable IDs include:

- Birth certificate
- Social Security cards (e.g. Clubs, GYM, etc…)

The following items are strictly prohibited in the exam room:

- Personal items.
- Medications (except for glucose tablets, Nitroglycerin tablets and inhalers).
- Candy.
- Food and/or drink.
- Books, pamphlets, and dictionaries.
- Communication devices of any nature, including cell phones, pagers, PDAs, etc.
- Watches of any kind – analog/digital, etc.
- Examinee-provided keyboards.
- Eye glass cases.
- Highlighter pens, personal writing instruments.
- Language translation dictionaries.
- Lanyards or the cords that allow glasses to hang around a person’s neck.
- Laptop computers.
- Listening devices, including radios or stereos with headphones.
- Non-religious headwear.
- Papers of any kind.
- Wallets, purses or backpacks.
- Recording, copying, and photographic devices.
- Slide rulers, rulers, compasses, and protractors.
- Stencils, colored overlays.
- Religious items, except for religious articles and jewelry.
- Find proctor