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Please be sure that you understand the following test center regulation:

- The test administrator is authorized to dismiss you from a test session and your scores will be canceled due to reported violations of these procedures and regulations.

- The candidate must have a valid and an acceptable ID (Passport / National ID) that shows the full name and photo, please note it's a condition to take the test, and the candidate must keep the ID on the desk all time.

- The candidate is not permitted to leave the test center during the test session or during breaks.

- The candidate is not allowed to access or use any prohibited items during the test session or during breaks; these include but are not limited to notes, study materials, telephones, cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and any other electronic devices.

- Eating, drinking, smoking, talking or disturbing other candidates is prohibited and Candidate will conduct himself/herself in a civil manner at all times on the premises of this testing center.

- The administrator cannot answer questions related to the exam content. If the candidate has any questions of this nature, the candidate should contact the exam sponsor after leaving the test center.

- The candidate cannot copy questions or answers, attempt to take them out of the testing area, or share them with other candidates.

- The candidate cannot communicate with anyone about the content of the test or test responses/answers during the test administration.

- The candidate cannot enter or leave the test room with any scratched paper or items that belong to the test.

- In case of any technical problems or power Outage, you are not allowed to leave the test center before 30 minutes waiting, and then the Proctor will write a report and Re-schedule your test.